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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Steve_in_CT, Jan 1, 2019.

    I haven't used an injector razor since my teenage days back in the 1960's. For the most part I've used double edged razors for the last 40 years, but I was intrigued by the Supply injector and decided to give it a shot.

    The razor arrived yesterday, and I was immediately impressed by the heft and build quality. I was, however, still a bit skeptical that it could measure up to my DE razors. This morning I put it to the test, and I am extremely impressed. I wasn't sure that I would be able to easily find the proper angle, but it was intuitive and natural. The razor glided over my face with minimal blade feel, but enough to know it was working. I did my normal two pass shave with a bit of touch-up on the neck and chin. No cuts, no nicks, no weepers and no irritation at all. And I would say that it is as close a shave (or closer) than my Fatip open comb or Razorock Game Changer .84.

    In the coming days I'll see if it works as an everyday shaver, but based upon the first day's results I can see myself using the Supply V2 every day.
  1. I received my V2 just before Christmas. It is my first SE and like you, I was very impressed with the razor: hefty, gorgeous and very nice to use. I’ve had a few razors, but adore the V2. That said, I managed to draw some blood (virgin shave et al...) so will keep going with it. Since then, I have moved back to my Feather DE until my self-inflicted war wounds have healed.
  2. So, I'm having a tough time with my supply razor. 3 shaves in, and I still can't get a great shave. The heft is erasing any trace of feedback from the unit itself. I'm also not completely familiar with Injectors in general, so the angle is fairly new to me. I'm going to give it time, but this is definitely a challenge. I've been having to keep a backup razor handy to get through my shaves. FWIW, my very best shaves after 12 years of wet shaving are with AC single edge razors, so I'm not an SE noob.
  3. I'm also 3 shaves in, but I'm having a very different experience. My 2 pass plus touch-up shaves are closer than with any other razor, and I've yet to draw blood. I do have some slight redness on my neck, but oddly it doesn't burn at all. I may go with one pass shaves tomorrow (off from work) and the weekend, before returning to 2 passes. Either that or I'll take a break for a day or so and use my DE instead before returning to the Supply.
  4. rockviper

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    I have a V2 en route from a trade. Which plate are you chaps finding best?
  5. I only have the medium.
  6. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    1 dot = mild
    2 dot = medium
    3 dot = aggressive

    Or do I have them backwards?
  7. Guys,

    The Supply is one of the truly great razors, out-there -- both smooth and efficient. I prefer the 3-dot head -- and, particularly, after I had ground-off an (albeit small) amount from the guard.

    I often hear talk on this forum about "angle". This is a mystery to me. I have been wet-shaving for at least 64 years, and never have had occasion to think about the "angle" -- of any razor?! Fundamentally, the Aware (i.e., the "Woke" in today's terminology) can hear and feel the blade, as it is cutting.

    Listen and learn, my young friends.

  8. I don't have quite as much experience as you (I would have had to start shaving when I was 3 years old), but I have been wet shaving for over 50 years, and I too have always wondered about the "angle". In all those years I never gave it a thought. I worried a bit with the Supply, because on their website they make a big deal out of how to find the right angle with their razor. I decided to just pick it up and use it as I have with every other razor I've used, and it worked just fine. That is why I mentioned that finding the proper angle was "natural and intuitive." But maybe those words of advice about finding the proper angle aren't addressed to us old timers, but are for those who are just starting out. What you and I find intuitive may not be obvious to people who haven't shaved over 15,000 times.
  9. Yep.... Today, I used the matte black Supply 3-dot. Vintage blade. Perfect 3 1/2-pass shave.

    You are right about "the angle". And, whether the stroke is WTG, ATG, or XTG, one can nearly always feel it, and hear it.

  10. So, I was determined to make this work. I bought the custom settings to go along with the two dot.

    Put a new blade in with the 3 dot setting. Bam. That’s it. I ALWAYS prefer aggressive razor settings. Got a great shave and didn’t need to mess with the angle. I’m stoked with this razor right now.
  11. rockviper

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    My supply came in today. Solidly built for sure. I'll give it a go in the morning with the aggressive plate.
  12. So, I nicked myself yesterday on the aggressive plate. I haven’t nicked myself in months. Still a decent shave
  13. rockviper

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    Wonderful first shave with the Supply this morning, using a new Personna blade and the 3-dot plate. I would describe this razor as :
    - Heavy!
    - Well-built
    - Smooth
    - Heavy! (or did I say that already)

    A nice easy shave that was very comfortable. No issues at all finding the right angle. I will try the 2-dot plate tomorrow and see which of them I prefer; not sure if I will even try the 1-dot.

    And a closer shot of the razor...
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    That must have been one handsome guy that traded you since only handsome guys use Supply Razors!

    You must be handsome too!

  15. rockviper

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  16. rockviper

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    Used the 2-dot plate this morning. Another simply whisker-swiping shave, but it is not as close as the 3-dot. I'll go a few more days with the 2-dot before switching back. It might take a few weeks for me to settle on which plate is THE plate for me.
  17. rockviper

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    Hmmm, only 4pm and I could easily again. Could be due to me needing to nail the angle or maybe I do need to use the 3-dot plate. Another day or two on the 2-dot will not hurt to validate things.
  18. My question is this. I'm pretty happy with the Schick Injector L that I got near mint on this site for around $7. The Supply site says that it's better than a disposable or a straight. So, the question is whether it's worth $79 over an original Schick Injector that you can get for a lot less money. Is it even better than the L model I'm using?
  19. rockviper

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    Would I spend the money on a Supply? Naw, I would grab a rock solid Schick (I2 Hydro is great) instead and save the money. My Supply SE came by way of a trade, in which both parties moved stuff they were no longer using.

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