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First shave with OCMM

I was PIF'ed a OCMM and some blades. What a nice razor. And thanks to the person that gave me this razor. Here is the setup:
Gem PTFE-coated blade
VDH boar brush
Stirling Sharp dress man soa
p Krampert Bay rum

I knew after the first pass this shave was going to be different. So I did 3 passes WTG, XTF and ATG. Was not a BBS but definitely a DFS. I think once I get use to the angle it will be a great shave. To compare it to DE it would be comparable to the Cadet OC. It was just as aggressive but a lot smoother. I had no nick or weepers. I did have maybe some razor burn, but that could be because I am still new and getting use to the angle. I used Krampert's finest Bay rum aftershave. Now this dies not burn like other aftershaves. So its had to tell sometimes if I have any razor burn. I can't wait to try this razor again. I like it very much. I've read I can get at least 10 shaves per blade so that should be interesting. It is definitely a keeper.
now you're ready for a Valet :)
I use MMOC quite a bit, mostly for the 2nd or 3 pass and touch ups... don't ask me why, it's just a habit, glides more smooter.
I doubt you'll get 10 shaves but who knows... when you'll feel tagging is time for a new blade. Don't use Treet, they're terrible.
What a coincidence I used my Cadet Robusto today which I like as much as my OCMM. It's a good comparison between the two. You are right on the money that the OCMM is a lot smoother then the Cadet OC. I'm glad the OCMM worked for you it's got good weight it's aggressive with a smooth touch. I own a Valet (VC1) which I find to be a good shaver as well.
Is VC1 the one you slide the blade in and has a handle tab?
That's what i have, but i don't know the model# (in fact i don;t know the model of most of my razors)
Second shave with the OCMM was a lot smoother. No nicks or weepers and just a little razor burn.
Is VC1 the one you slide the blade in and has a handle tab?
That's what i have, but i don't know the model# (in fact i don;t know the model of most of my razors)

Here is a picture of my VC1 it's the only model you can use a modified modern single edge blade.
$Valet VC1 07.jpg
thanks, now i know what i have!
yes, is the same - i wish mine was as nice looking as yours.
I have almost 300 gem blades w/o spine from manufacture, very easy to modify. I'll sell the Valet when i run out :)
Don't use Treet, they're terrible.

YMMV! Treets are my favorite blade. Yes, they require a bit more maintenance than stainless blades. But I feel that first shave is smoother and sharper than the GEM PTFE blades.


Rest in Peace
How would you compare them to your New's and Weber?
Definitely more aggressive but capable of BBS with care and very little pressure; that seems to be the key. I shaved WTG only to prevent damage until I learned the PROPER angle. You can really hear it cutting when it's right because of "hollow" cap amplifying sound compared to the solid cap in my NEWs and Weber.
Well 3rd shave was not good I tried to use a more shallow angle and did not get a good shave. 4th shave was great used a more steeper angle and listened to the razor shave was a DFS. But still no nicks or weepers. Less razor burn than the 3rd shave. A technique to learn.
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