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First Shave with my new Ralf Aust 5/8s

So my first shave with a straight razor in a very long time. I have been shaving with several different types of DE razors for almost 3 years now and did try a straight razor at one time but it was a no name razor but cheaply off the internet and my sink looked like an operating table. I bought my Ralf Aust from SRD along with a 3" strop and oil for the blade. Have to say it wasn't as smooth as I had hoped, I am sure purely my technique and I am a little shaky with it, so only did one pass and then did finish passes with my Merkur Progress. Wiped the blade on my towel a couple times to see if I was getting anything and sure enough I was getting lots of hair, all WTG. Will try to keep doing this as much as possible and hopefully on to more passes, but the single pass takes a while right now with me just learning. I like it, just hoping it would feel smoother. I will say no blood bath this time, with that single pass, not even a slight cut, but shh I don't want to jinx it.
Congrats! Bbs comes with time and patience. I've been straight solely for 3ish years and I'd bet my shaves are better with de in places. The hollow of my neck is still a challenge.
Lately my technique has improved so as to have no as burn. Still just as close to the touch. It grows back faster though. I'm thinking that may be the trade off with it. Super close burn close enough no burn. Dunno.
Fun learning.

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Keep up the good work .It will take several weeks for you to develop muscle memory and develop your skill set . You will discover how well balanced your Ralf Aust straight is.My Aust is one of my smoothest straights .


It took me many shaves before my knees stopped feeling like overcooked spaghetti and I stopped holding my breath while shaving.

I wish you the best of luck. It's a very fine razor you've got.
It's not easy otherwise every man would be on the bandwagon. Keep at it and keep your DE close. Eventually you will not need it. Send your razor to Doc226 and ask for a Kiita edge. This will omit any variable of not having a sharp smooth edge. Trust me on that one. Learn to strop properly and the edge should last you several months. Focus on a rote routine that gets you to your perceived goal. I would suggest a couple of straights to rotate, just like your DE collection I'm thinking. How about a reasonably priced well honed Gold Dollar from Life2short or a beautiful custom GD from Seraphim. Hell, how about giving in to that inner voice, spend $$$, and start accumulating what your heart desires Don't start honing until you have learned to wield your razor properly otherwise you'll be chasing your tail. Enjoy the journey.
Thanks guys, appreciate all the advice. Shaved with it for the past 3 days now since I have had off of work (work at a school) so it was perfect timing for the SR to come in. It is very sharp, SRD did a great job honing before sending and a beautiful razor. Shaves much better than the no name brand I bought a few years back. Today's shave was the best, cheeks feel very smooth but of course wherever I have curves need work. I am still a bit shaky when I start and after a pass or two I get a little bit of confidence that my cheek is not going to end up in the sink! That seems to be the most dangerous time. Actually really starting to like this. I figured I mastered how my grandfather shaved with his DE razor now I have to give some kudos to my Great and Great Great Grandfathers who really had some serious skills!
It will continue to get better. Relax, get a good stretch, make a good lather, low angle, light pressure.

Cheers, Steve
Congratulations! I took me a while to get comfortable too. I now shave with a straight at least five days a week, usually more. I am a teacher, and this past summer when I had enough time to take my time, my skills improved dramatically. Just take your time and enjoy the journey!