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First shave with Kent/Mitchell's Wool Fat

Ok gents,

I know that their are some typical "newbie" posts that almost EVERYONE puts up:

first wet shave

first BBS

first decent "weeper/nick/cut"

first really bad "burn"

first Arko shave

first "the fat" shave.

This is the last one.

Lathered really easily with our soft Melbourne water. My standard hard-soap routine. A little 55c water on the puck to soften it, soaked the SR 3824, showered, tipped out water, loaded the brush (heavy - about 45 seconds load time), about 2 minutes working it and got a typical, soft peaked lather. Shave was a typical 2 pass touch up DFS and I am satisfied with the scent, the lather and the cushion. Scent was mild and non-offensive (SWMBO said it smelt "soapy").

Yep. It was ok. Will endeavour to upload some pics when I do my next lather.
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