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First shave with Feather Artist Club

So, having received as a christmas prezzie today was the first day that I had enough time to be able to give it it's inaugral use

I have an inexpensive shavette already that I've tried periodically but never been able to achieve much satisfaction with, so it was with a little trepidation that I approached this.

Decided to go with the Pro Guard blades to begin with - how do they rate against others out of curiosity?

Software was Body Shop Maca Root + Aloe as I wanted something which I knew was going to have good slickness

My daily routine is with a DE and have reached the stage where it becoming second nature to get all the angles etc correct to get an irritation free BBS finish most days but my lack of "flying hours" with a straight is instantly apparent as I still feel a bit cacky handed (both right and left - left hand doesn't feel as alien as I would have expected actually) especially on the tricky areas.

I did notice a definite difference in the feel of this razor versus my other shavette. Smoother and more forgiving. I think the Feather Pro Guard blade is also likely to have been sharper than the Shark single edge ones I have been using, which helped a lot.

Took quite a bit of extra time over my usual DE around the chin area but the neck/jawline (where my existing shavette dies on it's ar*e) was surprisingly good!

Only area that was majorly challenging was my top lip (but then it always has been). Took me a long time to find the angle going ATG and was getting very worried about the possibilty of carving myself up badly - happily I didn't ultimately and I'm sure it'll get easier with practice.


Admittedly, it took me absolutely ages to complete a full 3 pass shave but I have to say, for an initial use, I'm impressed - 1 minor nick on chin due to awkwardness of shape, zero razor burn or irritation and more or less a DFS finish. It's probably marginally better than I managed with my first ever DE shave about 18 months ago (which improved rapidly) and roughly on a par with what I regularly got with cartridges on a daily basis before that

Looking forward to seeing how much better it'll get with time and practice :)
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I'm going to try a single edge razor handle with the feather pro blades, but I hope to try that feather shavette someday. I have tried a very cheap shavette handle and cut myself pretty bad. Watched geofatboy last night. He sure makes it look easy!
Excellent first go!

I have the same and use it almost daily, loaded with Feather Pros. Very satisfying shaver.
Nice work! I ended up with a few weepers myself with my recent first attempt. It was around my nose and chin area. I had to finish up with my de cause it was too tender after my third pass.
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