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First shave with brush and soap.

I have been shaving using Cremo the last three months. Just bought a boar brush and a soap made locally. It was a totally different experience. Used Clubman after shave and liked it too. I was always happy with Cremo but now that it us summer here in South Carolina I like the soap better, and Clubman better than Cremo balm.
Congrats, you're finding the finer points - soap, brush, aftershave (especially Clubman!). Enjoy your shaves!
I am kind of amused by the FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY, but maybe there are people who believe shaving soap works best when eaten… :001_cool:

The one to beat, however, is a decal between Boeing 727 thrust levers (throttles) that read THIS WAY TO INCREASE THRUST with an arrow pointing towards the aircraft nose.
You can never be too careful (with the asinine arguments that a lawyer may bring up in court), can you?

For summer, try an aftershave that has menthol. I like Skin Bracer. Costs around $5, can be found at Walmart, and feels like you dunked your face in a bowl of ice water after a good three pass shave.
Welcome to B&B, Sir Tillerman!
Congrats on your newly-found shave items!
Thanks for posting!!
You're on your way to a wonderful exploration of shaving!
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