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First shave with a shavette

Today, after a couple of months of waiting for a shavette (from DX) I finally got to test one today. Also, I decided to test for the first time Vokshod blades. I had never tried any kind of straight razor before and from what I read I should have been expecting a lot of blood.

As this with shavette is new to me, I wanted to see clearly what I am doing. I showered, then oiled in my face with jojoba oil. I did not make any lather for this shave. Then I shaved with the shavette under the shower. I have extreme coarse beard and I noticed Vokshod is not the blade for me. Blades like Astra SP are also too dull for me.

It was a bit difficult to figure how to hold the shavette for reaching everywhere on my face, but I managed. First I went WTG. I was not satified with the closeness so I decided to go ATG. I somehow got my cheek decent smooth but those areas with thickest wires have something left. I partly blame my technique and partly blame the dull blades.

Blood result: One tiny weeper that might have been a pimple.

I will definitely use again the shavette at some point! If you have been using DE for some time, a shavette is not that difficult.
Just a couple tips:

Don't try to translate blades between DE and shavette. A blade that works well for you in one can work badly for you in the other, and vice versa. Give those Voshkods a try in your DE, and while you're at it, pull out some brands you gave up on before and try them in the shavette.

Feel free to use the shavette for the easy passes and finish with DE.
I tried Voskhod blades in iKon OC DE, and to my surprise you were very right. Even though most blades do not work for me in a DE, I received a very good shave.
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