First shave with a featherweight

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Suhrim21, Jul 4, 2019.

    I finally shaved with the featherweight today and I have to say this may be my favorite razor so far. I had a clean completely irritation free shave. When I used the alum I have a couple small spots that stung but I didn't even know there were any spots that would have. I have a completely smooth face for now. The thing that amazed me most was going ATG on the neck. With DE razors and straights I always feel it tugging jumping and just hurts shaving ATG on my neck. With this two pass and done no jumping pulling tugging or any unwanted experience. Did WTG then ATG and was smooth. Even with the first use of the blade. I used one of the gem persona coated blades. I love this razor. Now I want more SE razors.
  1. Nice. Haven't tried a SE before. I've seen some great reviews for SE razors so I'm very interested.
  2. Featherweight is a great smooth shaver.

    If you want to try a similar headed razor that I think has a great look and is weighted a bit better get yourself a G-Bar and try that. Lots of nice specimens available out there. I am partial to it.

    (I have a lot of user grade GEMs I just posted on BST if you want to try some other styles...)

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  3. Welcome to the club, my friend!!! :a29:
    The Featherweight is a favorite among many of us -- and while I say that about 99% of my GEMs -- it is also the razor I turn to when I have to do a daily shave. It shaves close, it shaves comfortably, it is definitely a great razor. I would absolutely encourage exploring some of the other GEMs as well....they all have slightly different personalities, but they provide "the best a man can get" oops, that's someone else's tag line :001_tongu
  4. I was once where you are now, it is definitely worth giving them a try! There is a GEM pass-along -- I haven't kept track of how it's going, but I think it's still's the link: MMOC Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays!
  5. I had to drop out of that pass around hopefully it is still going when I am able to re join.
  6. You'll also get along well with any of the following Gem razors besides the G-bar since they are on the mild side like the Featherweight; push button, Contour and Contour II.

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