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First SE shave

Hey all,

So yesterday my boyfriend gave me a GEM 1912 safety razor along with a SE blade to try it out. Needless to say, the shave was very nice. However, I kept on having to adjust the blade because it kept sliding back as I was shaving my legs. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with their SE's too? Im just curious because I hope I didn't break it or anything. :blushing:
I guess Im just a DE kind of gal.


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DO NOT use that razor.... the lid locks the blade against the stops on the screen at the bottom. If the blades flop around there is a problem with the razor and your can cut the s**t out yourself
Don't use that one, it's got a problem. There is a spring in the back of the razor head that not only holds the lid shut, it also pushes the blade forward onto the stops. If that spring has been weakened, then the blade will slide back. I have a GEM that's like that, although I can't figure out how it got that way. I'll wager the lid on yours doesn't close very firmly and you can push the blade back with a toothpick. That's a sure sign of a bum spring.

Gems are superb shavers, but you need to get one that's in good shape. Most are, but every once in a blue moon you'll get a clunker like this. Save it for parts or pass it on to someone who wants to try repairing it. A replacement is plenty cheap, so don't worry too much about it.
You know, it's a good thing I didn't even cut myself once using it despite that it kept moving around and that I had to keep fixing it.

There is a workaround for 1912s with weak blade holding springs.

Cut a wedge from a plastic eraser, and insert it over the holding tab from the rear.

This will hold the tab down, and allows normal use of the razor again.

I have been using a 1912 Ever-Ready like this for months :001_smile

Have fun !

Best regards

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