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First razor is Muhle R89 - 1 year later, time to try something else?

Hi all. I started wetshaving over 1 year ago. The B&B community basically taught me to shave - my father didn't because he had a beard, because he used to get terrible shaving rash - probably because he was never shown how to shave properly! So we have broken the cycle :cool:

The razor was a gift, and I have only just worked out it is a Muhle R89 - the open comb, Made in Italy version that looks like this. With the right blades (Gillette 7 o'clock yellow or green) and soap (proraso, l'occitane or musgo) I can get consistently close shaves, irritation free, every day if I wanted to (although I tend to shave 4 times a week).

Now that is more than I ever expected, so I'm miles ahead of my old crappy electric. I could stop here and be perfectly happy!


But of course I am wondering what other razors would be like. I understand this Muhle is quite an aggressive razor, so I have probably learnt the hard way! That's probably a good thing.

I do like being able to do a 1-pass WTG shave and looking obviously clean shaven. It’s not BBS, but then I am not desperate for that; I am not sure my skin and coarse beard is up to it. A second pass gives a bit of razor burn for minimal benefit, so I usually end up just doing 1 pass.

I am curious what it would be like to do a 3-pass shave on a less aggressive razor – or even an adjustable, so I have been thinking of a Merkur Progress.

I suppose my question is, is there any point trying a less aggressive razor? Considering my current results are, on the whole, pretty good - although I feel I have hit a wall. Could a Progress get me BBS over 3 passes, where now I get a DFS with 1 or 2 passes?

I have not tried many different types of AS (only nivea balm) and I have not tried a badger hair brush (only boar hair). These things would make tangible improvements to my shaves, so could be better investments than another razor just yet. (I actually want a straight at some point in the future)

Thanks for reading - I didn't mean it to become an essay!

I would prefer to buy new, simply because it's quite a personal object, but I am open to suggestions.
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it really depends on your face, mate. Perhaps you might pick up a tech (they can be had for a song), its a great little razor, and is nice and gentle.

Good luck.

PS.. Why not go straight to straights now?
i am thinking about it.. could use my current DE for those days i need a quick shave, that would work well.

bit of an investment getting setup with razor and strop - (e.g. TI from rasupur). i mean if i consider the quality and the fact it will last my lifetime and then more - its really quite cheap.. but its $300-$400 :) a merkur progress is 25% of that so maybe i should save my pennies :)


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You can pick up a cheap vintage razor on the bst for <50 and a filly strop from ruprazor is only 20.

Theyre still top quality (I dont have ANY new blades) and will shave a dream
You have problems starting near the top. Choices are getting limited. You can go to a slant or a straight.
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