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First Purchases

Well I purchases my first soaps just now. MamaBear's uncented and Bluebonnets and Wildflowers. The unscented is due to work. I'm training to be a pediatric seating specialist which means I will do custom seating and wheelchairs for special needs kids. I don't like to use scent on workdays because I'm afraid of a kid possibly having a reaction to something I'm wearing. I'm probably being overly paranoid but these kids can be real fragile and I just dont' want to risk one of them being allergic to something. The Bluebonnets and Wildflowers was chosen because I'm a Texan, a rabid Texan.

I've also got a Merkur HD on the was as well. Next pay period it will be one of those Best Badger brushes that has been highly recomended. I just have to remember who the manufacturer is. That's the joy of the forum. All this wisdom is saved for further research.
Welcome, sounds like a very gratifying line of work. Maybe you can try a lightly scented cream or soap? It would be a shame to miss out on all of the wonderful scents that are available.
Cheers, DJ.
Welcome, Creslin!

I'd certainly like to read more about how you're getting along, both with your shaving products and with your line of work. Interesting choice of career.

welcome from texas as well, don't overworry about shaving scents and people being allergic to them...I use em all the time and work with patients all day and no issues yet.

Most of the scents are pretty mild and don't last all day...just stay away from toilet or colognes
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