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First knife

Mike H

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I bought this knife when I was 15. First knife I purchased. After a couple years, I lost it, but hung on to the sheath. About 25 years later, my brother and I were cleaning out moms attic and I found it. Hiding on a window sill behind some tattered dusty curtains. The handle had faded but overall in good shape. I put it safely away for sentimental value. Came across it again today when cleaning. Looks good for a 40+ year old knife.

Does anyone else still have their first knife?

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Ad Astra

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Mine was a Cub Scout folder made by Camillus.

Long since lost, but I got another off ebay a few years ago.



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I once restored and honed up a Schrade like that one for a coworker. It took a good edge.

My first knife was a cheap cub scout style folder when I was about seven or eight. It must gave been carbon steel because I took it fishing and it all rusted shut, and that was the end of that.


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Not my first knife, but it is the first knife I remember. When I was a little kid my father had this Swiss Champ Victorinox, and I thought it was the coolest, with all its doohickies and thingamy-bobs. When he died I found it and decided to repair it and clean it up (it was pretty gross). I'll probably give it to my daughter when she is old enough.

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