First Injector! Question About Post-Shave Care

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by JBoogie, Jul 18, 2019.

    I just got my first injector - a Schick M1 adjustable and had my first shave with it. I loved the shave (can't wait until the Japanese twin blades arrive)!
    After using my DE razors or my AC style SE razors, I always take them apart, dry the blades, wipe down the baseplate, top cap and handle. What should I do with the injector? I'd like to keep it in the best shape I can.
  1. Dawn and a tooth brush.
  2. Hey JB, congratulations on the great shave. There should be many more for you in the future, the M adjustable is a great razor. Injector mechanisms should always have a blade inserted, they even come with a blank from the factory. They can be damaged if one tries to force a blade in a mechanism without one. You can scrub them a bit with a toothbrush at the odd blade change, but other than that just leave them to air dry and you should be good for many years to come.

  3. Thank you for the insight! Much appreciated.
  4. I just rinse under hot tap water, wipe clean and put away. It gets a thorough cleaning due to each blade change.
  5. I strongly agree with XX above.
  6. C'mon brother SMS, we all know you secretly use a 20-step cleaning process with 15 different cleaning products and an autoclave :a30:....oh wait, that's me :lol:!!! Actually, I've moved towards a more succinct (and sane) cleaning method....I think you wore me down with your logic. In any case, I agree and +1 XXValeria's post, although I will use a touch of dawn if the shave soap is particularly "greasy" -- and I have been known to use some Flitz occasionally because I like things shiny....hmmm, maybe I haven't changed that much :lol1:!!!
  7. Shaving brethren,

    Please save your well-intended high-octane cleaning efforts for your automobile. Maybe?

    I hate the appearance of a dirty car parked in a driveway! I speak from first hand observation and experience. :001_smile
  8. Run it under hot water and blow on it?

    I don't understand the obsessive cleaning and disassembly people do.
  9. I hear you. I really obsessed early on with my cleaning & sanitation process -- just ask @santamariasteve -- he and I had some good conversations going over all that. But the injector was the razor that forced me to come to terms with my uber-cleaning regimen. If you try taking them apart (even the E2's) you risk having a problem with the springs and breaking them. I care too much about the razor to want to risk damaging them, so I just sort of washed it as well as a borrowed fork or spoon (dawn dish washing detergent and a tooth brush for some crevices), then I load a new blade in it and call it good. Now that's only for the first time it comes in the door from places and persons unknown. For my daily use, I rinse it, carefully dry it without screwing up the blade edge, shake as much water as I can out of it, and maybe use the odd Q-tip to get some water out of little crevices. My whole plan is to try and get it as dry as possible....and even that sounds more obsessive than it really is.

    Last comment (I promise) is that I do have some soaps that seem to leave a film on everything, even after being rinsed. Me, my face, the brush, the razor, my washbasin, you name it, everything feels like I took a piece of bacon and ran it all over. For those times, I'll break out the dawn and give it a quick "de-greasing"....along with my brush and the basin (for my face, it just stays greasy :001_tongu).

    As for cars -- my dad was in the motor pool (USAF) for over 30 years -- you truly would not believe me if I told you how often or how much is involved in washing, waxing and polishing every vehicle I have....I grew up practically detailing my father's cars every single weekend, and now that's what I do with my own vehicles. But at least I've stopped doing that to my razors! :001_rolle
  10. +1
  11. My routine with injector razors is as follows:
    Rinse and wipe (stay away from the blade edge).
    Use a microfibre cloth to polish the razor (stay away from the blade edge)
    Palm strop to dry the blade edge.
    Every other blade change or thereabouts I put the razor in the ultrasonic cleaner.
    I then use a pipe cleaner to get into the nooks and crannies.
    I expect my injectors to stay pristine for decades.
  12. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Excellent formula for a Schick twin or single blade or any blade. Water is the enemy. +1
    I still take out the blade and rinse under the hot water with my modified E2 but my Stick Schick Twin blade I leave in the razor and rinse with hot water and blow off the water and but in my rack and I'm on shave 20 with this blade.
    Have some great shaves!

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