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First Feather

I just loaded my first feather into my DE. When I unwrapped it, there was a sticky substance on the blade. Would this be residue from the wrapping?

rtaylor61 said:
Great...now I've been mooned by an Okie! :eek:


I almost fell out of my chair. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything - don't need to change another keyboard! :lol: :laugh: :lol:
I've been using a Feather in the new Longhandle Classic I recently acquired. Talk about a nice shave. The long handle is great on the cheeks, jaw-line, etc. The amusing thing is getting down the technique (without choking-up on the handle) to drag that long handle across the neck. Being ambidextrous isn't always a good thing. :a20:
This thread reminded me of all the comments over the last few decades about modern culture becoming "post-Gutenberg". My suggestion for bringing that to fruition sooner (and my apologies for the fruity language, but it's too late at night to "reduce" it to plain English) is to have us post only in animated gifs, no words or at least very very very few words. We will need to add little pictures to the emoticon library to depict various shaving-related and other unnatural acts. ("Unnatural" in the sense that being bearded is the untampered state for most men, and more than one religious tradition requires this untamperedness [or is it "untamperedosity?].)

:eek: :rolleyes: :cool:

Apropos of Guenron's opening graphic is yet another example of art imitating life (or is it actually an example of art imitating art imitating life?) found in the current issue of The Onion, where featured on the front cover is the new Work Thong from Carhartt, complete with illustration.

I tried to change the font, but couldn't find one that looked "Old English" or "Old German" (often called "Fraktur"), but I encourage you to imagine this post that way.
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