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First Feather Friday

Good evening gents, I just had my very first shave with a feather blade (yellow) pack and man I have been procrastinating the heck out of this for the past 3 years (since I started wetshaving 3 years ago) and I have to say it was damn smooth granted I was using my Rockwell 6c on the R3 plate just to be on the safe side and finished off by flipping it to R1 and the result was a DFS+ with zero irritation. I thought jack the ripper would've paid me a visit but alas I was blessed by the dolphin of smooth shaves and it cut down my growth just slightly easier than with my trusty Nacet which is my go 2 always.
I'm gonna bump it up to R4,R2 plate tomorrow but I'm not decided yet or just stick with the same plate I used tonight.
I'll report back tomorrow on the 2nd shave with the same blade I used and see how long these blades last before going dull.
Final note if any of ya are scared of the feather don't be just take your time, it took me like 35 min for this shave since I was being extra cautious.
Also a small update since using Hyaluronic acid for a week now I have been using it not just on the shaved area but on the face overall and neck. So far its great it really is just damn good my face has gotten smoother and softer and it definitely helps with irritation if I had a real irritating razor rash it just soothes you ever so good and I definitely recommend it at just 12 buckaroos on amazon its a hidden gem I'd say.
Oh yes I almost forgot the setup.

Razor: Rockwell 6c
Blade: Feather yellow pack
Brush: WildWestBrushWorks 26mm Timberwolf
Preshave: Cremo Bourbon Vanilla
Soap: Stirling Deton-8
Aftershave: Stirling Deton-8
Fragrance: Stirling Deton-8 EDT

FYI the blades in the yellow pack are exactly the same stainless steel as in the black/grey pack, the only difference is the number of blades per tuck. (yellow:10, black/grey:5)
Also Feather has a carbon steel DE blade (FA-10) which is in blue and yellow pack

I did not care for Feather blades when I first started wet shaving also, as my technique matured I found them OK a blade and they can give a nice close shave now. Part of the learning curve for myself.
I’ve never been fond of Feather blades, but used one yesterday that I received as part of my AS-D2 razor purchase.

It was my best shave ever with a Feather blade, using the AS-D2. When I relathered for my touch ups, I didn’t feel any stubble left. Also no sting from the aftershave and no weepers

Now, I would only consider using Feather blades going forward if they:
- can provide 5 decent shaves per blade
- doesn’t cause long-term skin reaction or irritation
- can be found at a significant better price than $35-40 per 100

Adding to @Lefonque’s post, I will never use it again with an aggressive razor or any razor that doesn’t clamp the blade very tightly.
I can only use Feather's in mild razors, which for me are the 6s and Tatara Masamune. Any more aggressive and my neck shows its displeasure! Couldn't bond with the AS-D2, tried for a year but had to move it on, just couldn't find the right angle consistently.
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