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First Fat Boy Shave

Over the holiday I was visiting with my father and received his 1961 fatboy which he has been unable to use for years due to Parkinsons. A thorough cleaning was needed and I noted that the blade wasn't locking in. A little research online reveal that the TTO lock wasn't working, likely due to an impacted gummed up spring. Treating with boiling water and scrubbing bubbles got it squeaky clean but still no lock. So I pulled out the big gun and pour a bit of CLR into the locking knob. After a few minutes I noted a steady stream of bubbles. A while later, success! The locking knob would turn and I could see the blade lockdown. A bit of working the lock and continuing to flush with hot water and the knob works as intended. A tiny touch of triflo and "Bob's your Uncle"

So this morning I loaded up a USA Personna, brushed on some Proraso Red, set the dial to 5 and commenced a 3 pass BBS shave. Nice and close, no burn. Alum bar revealed a few minor nicks but overall a great shave. Followed up with some Master Bay Rum and off to face the world.
Welcome to B&B.

Congrats on your restoration, well done. I have many new and vintage razors, but none is prized more that my dad's Slim.
I just got my hands on a fatboy, and you cant pry it out of my hands. I cant imagine how much I would value it if it had come from my Dad. Congrats!
I received 3 DE's and A W&B straight that supposedly belonged to my Great Grandfather. One was a fatboy that couldn't have been his because he died in 1952. Since the razors were found in my grandmothers cedar chest I'm hopeful that maybe it was my father's razor. I remember he had an TTO when I was a kid, but don't remember much about it. Regardless, out of the 12 razors in my den, that Fatboy is by far the smoothest, best shaver I own. Congratulations !
Welcome to B&B and congratulations on receiving such a great razor from your dad. I received a '59 Fatboy from my grandfather and I love shaving with it. Congratulations on a great shave as well.
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