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First experience with Straight blade



Hi guys, I'm very new to straight razor blade and this forum. I bought a dovo Solingen today and I tried it. I had very hard time even if I was going out of the shower, my beard has strong hairs so I only did the upper part of my face with only 2 small cuts :001_rolle .

The things is I was cleaning off the gel I used on a wash clothe. I notice afterward there was two small parts cut on the washing clothe cause I was wiping the blade on side way but entirely laid down on the clothe (though I slightly cut it in two small area).

My question is do you think I dulled the blade a bit? Cause I didn't succeed to shave half of my face though I should put a very hot water in my face before. I recently realize I had to use the blade at about 30 degrees. I used it flush on my face cause I was a bit scared.

As you can see, I'm totally ignorant about straight razor blades... :blushing:

... thanks for indulging me. :wink2:

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Welcome to B&B!!

Be sure to read Joel's Interactive Guide to Straight Shaving in the stickies in the straight razor sub forum.

You will get the hang of using the proper angles, it just takes practice.

I can't say if you have dulled your razor or not, and I will leave that question to those with more experience than me. Just be sure to give it a good stropping.

You will have good shaves and bad shaves while you are learning, but keep it up and you will get there.

Also, what are you using for lather? You mentioned gel. A good lather from a shave soap or cream worked up with a boar or badger shaving brush will be far better than canned gels. Plus you get to experience all of the wonderful scents out there, which is a major upside to wetshaving for me.
You didn't mention it, but what vendor did you buy your razor from??

Since it seemed to barely shave, I have to wonder if the blade is truly shave ready? A straight razor needs to be honed by a professional honemiester before it is ready for usage. Dovo straight razors don't come ready to shave fresh out of the factory.

I will second the recommendation to use a shaving brush, and shaving cream/ soap. The resulting lather is vastly superior to anything that comes from a can.
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