First Experience with Muhle R41

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by shaveSymptomatic, Jun 13, 2018.

    I decided to write this post for those who may be considering buying/trying a Muhle R41 razor.
    First a little background: Started traditional shaving about 3 months ago. I always thought I had sensitive skin, but I'm able to do daily 3 pass shaves, with the last one ATG, so maybe my skin is not that sensitive after all. I'm now convinced that cartridges were responsible for my "sensitive skin".

    I was curious and at the same time scared of the R41. Some people hate it, while others say they use it as their daily driver. So today I shaved with it for the first time, and I have to say that I absolutely love this thing! Since it was my first time using this razor, I only did 2 passes, skipping the ATG pass. And even so, I got a super close shave, with no irritation, and only one minor nick.

    I just want to thank everyone who records youtube videos, and those that post here because there's no way I would have improved my technique this much in 3 months without you guys.

    And to those who are on the fence about an R41, I'd so go for it!
  1. Welcome to the club! There’s nothing in my den that shaves me more efficiently than the R41. Glad to hear that you not only pulled the trigger, but hit the bulls eye!!
  2. Awesome! Well done!
  3. Highspeedlane

    Highspeedlane Contributor

    Well done @Syzygy01. Your post reflects my experience. And I'm the same in that if I had not been well prepared with good technique learned from the great posters here I'm sure my first R41 encounter would have been very unpleasant. I'll always have an R41 in the arsenal :)
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! :a14::a14:

    Your first point is excellent: carts caused problems with my skin also!
  5. Mick

    Mick Contributor

    I've enjoyed mine for years.

    Nice razor
  6. smu


    Syzygy01 I am glad you like the R41! I started using it not too long ago and my only regret it that I wish I had started using it sooner. I would love to try the 2011 version but probably will never get the chance. I get the closest shave I have ever experienced and it's nice and smooth.

    Do you have the 3 piece, twist or grande version? How do you like the handle? Some guys buy a different handle but I happen to like the handle it comes with.

  7. I have the chrome 3 piece razor with the stock handle, and I like it. I like my things stock, not a big fan of aftermarket things.
  8. I found the R41 to be surprisingly easy to use despite the reputation it has. I've never had an issue with nicks and cuts but you do have to respect the aggressiveness, but if you shave with a bit of care it's not the monster I was led to believe it was. It's one of the best razors I own, especially if I'm in need of a quick, close shave with a few days stubble.
  9. The R41 is the DE razor that gives me the closest shaves. No contest.
  10. I am using mine daily. Nothing else compares for close irritation free shaves.

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