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First ever shave with Tabac - review and take on scent

I fall firmly into the same camp as @imatabor when it comes to the smell. I cannot argue with the performance, but I cannot stand the scent. To me it smells just like grandma's purse.
I love the performance and the scent. If I could just find my jar of it I'd shave with it again. Still looking for things after the move.


my brain goes "thonk"
I put a puck of Tabac in an old empty Razorock XXX container. I've added so much water to it that it has turned into a croap. I still get excellent shaves from it. I don't remember how old this soap is. the fragrance has faded and isn't as strong as when I first got, but I still like. I've been just using other soaps and creams that I want to try so it doesn't get much use right now. I know when I use it I'm in for good shave.
The scent shouldn't be a deal breaker, it doesn't last. Slap on your favorite splash or apply your favorite balm and it's gone.

The performance is great and on par with artisan soaps, which actually cost a little less if you're in the US.
I'm tempted to sell off many of my soaps just to keep a handful of fresh ones in the ole cabinet. Even with this sickness of collecting enough soaps to build a small raft out of, I can see the value in just having a few high performing, classics like Tabac. But who am I kidding? I have it bad for soaps... gotta admit though, coming across Tabac sure changes my perspective.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Yes, I imagine Jabba the Hut would be a fan of Tabac.

What a cool picture. I have no idea what it has to do with Tabac, but I like the photograph.


She's a college girl who started smoking very young.

Tabac performs well but...


Happy shaves, even if you use Tabac,

I dunno, I may like it...

I certainly like the smell of tobacco occasionally and I did love chewing the old gums like Beeman’s and Clove. Bringing them together might get interesting!
If you were a child in the 70s or 80s, you might remember cheap musky scents in all the adults' medicine cabinets, or the way grandpa smelled when he swooped you up to give you a hug, but unless you have bad memories associated with those scents, there is no way you can find the smell of Tabac offensive. At worst, it's an outdated cologne type scent but you'll probably just smell fresh soap. I'm starting to really like it actually. It isn't even strong. I just shaved about two hours ago and it's completely absent now. Faint to begin with. This is one cool soap, friends. One cool soap indeed.
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