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first DE razor you used?

what was the first ever DE razor you used? feel free to add extra like how old you were, where you got it from, how it went etc.
my first was an open comb laurel that my grandad gave me (that his dad gave him) it was the third razor i used after a modern gillette and a sanguine cool cut straight razor and gave a better shave than both previous razors.
Parker 22

bought it on amazon after reading a bunch of reviews there for different razors

before i ever heard of b and b

results -- crap razor, crap shave, razor rusted almost immediately

however still a better shave than i got from the schick quatro/gillette multiblade shaver of the day

so i was hooked.
It was a cheap Gillette three piece I picked up at a Flea Market for $7, manuafactured for Southeast Asia.

The 2nd was a Merkur Slant HD. :biggrin:
Gillette New Improved....I was in over my head, but I held on and learned *the hard way*.

I've been through most of the Gillette line up, and now I've settled on my Hoffritz Slant, and am STILL awaiting my Futur.


Merkur Futur - Found it to be an excellent razor to learn on. Fairly mild on 1, lots of weight behind it.
Gillette Milord (Post-war gold-plated Super Speed). Was PIF'd to me by a long-time member, Cooncatbob. First DE shave was about 3 weeks ago.
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A Fatboy. A good friend of mine and a member here (BarcoChris) sent it to me roughly a year ago. I hacked myself to pieces on the first three shaves. I still have that razor and love it now.

First DE razor was a merkur progress, merkur blade, aos sandalwood cream.

Had that bad boy on the wrong setting, a few cuts, but I learned and got better.

Now I prefer the fatboy to all others I tried.


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Unfortunatly, a Weishi... It's a good razor to learn on but a Gillette Tech would've been better.

Second was a Gillette SS '54, awesome razor!
First DE -- 38C.

First Gillette -- Slim.

Using the Slim set off a RAD epidemic of epic proportions that currently stands at 150 razors. Beware the Slim...
My first DE shave was with a Merkur 34c with a Red Personna blade, Proraso preshave cream, Proraso Cream, and Proraso Aftershave Splash about 8 hours ago.

I have a Gillette Slim Adjustable that I picked up at a local antique mall that I will try in a couple of weeks after I master the Merkur.
My first DE was a 1960 Gillette Toggle that my parents gave me for Christmas that year. I was 16 and kept using that razor for about 30 years. Threw it away then because of plating loss, etc. Was an excellent shaver during all those years. Two years ago I bought a "Mint" 1958 Gillette Toggle for my collection and for old times sake.
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