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First completed brushes

I finally finished two of the brushes I have been working on.

Both are Bloodwood finished with thin CA glue and then polished em up. The knots are TGN 22mm Silvertip set at about 55mm.

Those are two beautiful brushes. :thumbup1: You did a great job with stunning looking wood and knots I believe those two will be "keepers." Enjoy your shaves.

Thanks! Glad you like them. :thumbup: I can't hardly wait for the knot to set up as it will be my first real badger brush. I've been using the little sample brush in the $25 AoS kit I picked up after Christmas and it is just a tad to small. Before that I was using a cheap boar brush I got from cvs. The difference between the boar and the pure badger (even for its size) is absolutely stunning.
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