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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Fat Larry, Mar 4, 2019.

    Some new ones done over the last week or so. I'm particularly taken with the more classic style in the first pic and have been doing some more of these, a little more elaborate.

    Had a lot of failures over the last few days which has been very frustrating... Learning turning is a real rollercoaster.

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  1. All of those turned out fantastically. Very nice work.
  2. Nice job! Every failure is a $%@&%# $%$#, I mean a chance to learn! :)
  3. Ha, yes. That should be taught in schools.
  4. Graydog

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    Have you started a bucket yet :) Bucket.jpg
  5. I particularly like the first in this series.
    Depending on the failure sometimes part of the handle can be salvaged and glued up to another piece of wood. @Graydog makes a lot of multiple wood handles.
    Although many are planned and glued up from the beginning some have been salvages and all are spectacular and inspirational. I've done a few salvages myself.
    You are making some beautiful brushes. Let us see some of the failures if you want some input on ways to rescue any of them.
  6. God job!
  7. I have a box :) This isn't all of them, quite a few were tossed!

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  8. Added quite a few to the box today but came away with this one which I'm pretty happy with.

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  9. Thanks, my process is to mount a 40 to 50mm blank, turn to round, then drill the hole for the bristles, then flip and turn losely supported by a dead center (i don't have a live one at the moment also the tail stock is off center so i can't drive it all the way in).

    I'm using this jaw set at the moment > NOVA 25MM (1") JAW SET (SKU JS25N AND 71107) - NOVA

    My general issue is that i turn the top fairly thin and sometimes a catch can crack the area around the hole.

    The jaws were bought in error but i have made do. I'm planning on getting a longer spigot set soon. Being so short it contributes to the issue by focusing all the pressure in a small area.

    How would you go about turning and re-centering a top part for the hole without touching the handle?

    I realise i could change my process to drill the hole afterward and that would suit my equipment better (i could use wider jaws or whatever the standard penetrating/gripping lathe attachment is called) but i am not confident drilling the holes to center/not marking the handle etc.
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    Larry can you take a picture of your set up??
  11. Sure, i'll grab one next week.
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    Nice brushes Larry. Great job.
  13. Here it is. Last shot is a new shape i tinkered with today.

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  14. Graydog

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    Very Nice Larry , nice set up and looks like a nice shape !
    Is that Maple ?
  15. Thanks GD, it's either Macrocarpa or Matai. I am not sure. Most of what I'm using is scraps and offcuts at the moment. If you look at the weathering on the blank it gives a clue as to the previous life that wood had as a farm gate.
  16. I like that shape. The knot cup reminds me of a partly open flower. Very classy.
  17. Thanks, I unashamedly borrowed the idea from the Paladin Lotus shape which I find very beautiful.

    Wanted to say thanks again for everyone's kind words in this thread. It's encouraging and I appreciate them.

    Here's a couple from today. Left is Jarrah, right macrocarpa. Both finished with tung oil.

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  18. I just looked that brush up. I think you did a stellar job of borrowing inspiration from it.
    Your brush looks like it has a longer handle which I prefer and seems to me an improvement on a beautiful brush design. Have you finished that brush?
    The 2 new brushes look quite nice as well.
  19. It became one for the box due to some fairly bad tearout I'm afraid.

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