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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Fat Larry, Mar 4, 2019.

    Great work!! :a14::a14:
  1. Nice job.
  2. Keep it up. I see you are growing already! Very cool brushes!

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  3. Thanks guys, more coming tomorrow hopefully.
  4. New one from today.

    Pretty happy with the longer shape, it allows the forefinger to rest on the cove above the main one for the thumb and feels quite comfortable though i prefer the aesthetics of a stubby handle.

    The wood is leftovers from a chopping board i did a few weeks ago. Lots of tear out on some bits. Going to do some more of these with wood that's selected for turning.

    Still not getting good results with CA as a finish. I'm going to try tung oil and beeswax next as I think I had enough failing with CA for the moment.

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  5. ajkel64

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    Nice brush @Fat Larry. Keep up the great work.
  6. New ones from today. I was told the wood is Silver Birch. Dyed with boot polish. The darker areas are not tear out, they're borer tunnels. I rather like the effect, hoping i can get more of this piece of wood.

    Today was one of those days where things click up a notch and learning solidifies a little, almost everything went really smoothly. I was watching some tutorials yesterday, switched up a few things and poof, suddenly i'm getting much better results and pretty much had a catch free day. Its a good feeling when learning clicks.

    No finish on these yet, waiting on the beeswax to arrive.

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  7. ajkel64

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    Nice looking brushes. You are becoming quite proficient making these brushes.
  8. Graydog

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    Larry nice coves in those handles.
    What are you using to get the nice shape?
  9. Thanks Greydog, i believe its a half inch bowl gouge but i'm not 100% sure.
  10. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Larry distressed wood has a nice look
    Are you worried about soap getting in the holes ?
  11. No i think it should be fine so long as i pay attention to make sure the finish gets in there first. I'll apply the tung with a brush to be sure. Have you tried any other finishes other than CA? Anything else you liked?
  12. Very cool. They look similar in texture to old wine corks.
  13. DEPenguin

    DEPenguin Contributor

    The borer holes add some serious character to the handles, really like the look! And that dark one . . . it has a classy feel to it, really like that too.
  14. Thanks, i really like it as well. Hoping i can get more of the wood, and that the beetles are not in there anymore..

    Here's a few from today.

    The one in the first shots was going well until it had a wee accident. Tried out some burn lines, turns out the wire gets really hot... who knew..

    The second one pictured is a 30mm knot.

    Also had some better results with a CA finish today. Sanding to a high grit seems to help the glue layer form better.

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  15. DEPenguin

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    Damn shame what happened to that handle :(

    On the plus side, the others look great! i really like the idea of taking what might potentially be scraps of wood--the kind that many would just toss in landfill--and make such beautiful, useful implements from them. I've always loved the look of wood, it has a natural warmth and earthiness to it. Perhaps as a city boy it somehow connects me to Nature.
  16. Three failures and one success today.

    I think I'll call the shape The Zweihander. Not sure of the wood. Possibly macrocarpa.

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  17. DEPenguin

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    That one's a beauty!
  18. Here'sH the the most recently completed brushes. Both finished with CA and boot polish. Wood is likely macrocarpa but I'm not totally sure. Really happy with the CA now, sanding to a high grit (600 or 800) seems to make all the difference. These two came up shiny.

    Does anyone know why CA sometimes goes white and rough? @Graydog any insights from your experience?

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  19. Absolutely gorgeous brushes. Love the curves. That is exactly the kind of shape I want in a brush.

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