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First Blades to Purchase?

So I am new to wetshaving and have just ordered my first razor (EJ DE89L), Brush (Rooney 3/1 Super Silvertip), creams (Sample Pack from GFT and a lot of products from Olivia's). But my next step is figuring out which blades to use.

I am getting some in the mail but can't remember what they are. I was thinking of ordering some Derby Extras. Is there a particular blade that is recommended for a newbie and for the EJDE89L?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Blades are an area where YMMV is the most important factor. So get a sampler - the ones from West Coast Shaving or Bullgoose are good.
There's also an incredible sampler deal from one of the vendors in the vendor center. I don't remember who it is, but they're offering something like 100 blades for either $14 or $16. That's outrageous!
Definitely a sampler pack. Everyone has differing opinions on blades and then you get different blade and razor combinations so it's best to try a few and see what you like.
There's also an incredible sampler deal from one of the vendors in the vendor center. I don't remember who it is, but they're offering something like 100 blades for either $14 or $16. That's outrageous!

I've been searching for that deal all morning and I can't find it. If you remember the vendor will you post it please? I'm a noob who has only tried the blades I can find locally. I want to order a sample pack so I can see what's "best" for me.
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Going through a sampler pack and evaluating different blades is one of the most enjoyable aspects of DE shaving for me. If you want to mix it up some more, use a few different razors.

Someone once mentioned to me that there was a posting concerning a protocol for testing different blades ( an experimental method). Does anyone know where this is?
NOT Derbys.


I started out with Walmart Personnas, then Red Pack IPs...seem to be safe, mild blades that give good shaves as you're trying to learn your technique.
My first DE razor came with two Feather blades. On the downside, I had to be -really- careful cause I cut myself a few times on my first shave. On the upside, though, I develloped REALLY good technique very quickly, thinking all blades were that sharp.

I've recently gone to Israeli Crystals which seem to give me BBS shaves almost every time, as compared to the feathers which were only giving me BBS perhaps 1/20.

I'll say for me, personally, the red pack israeli personnas didn't seem to cut a single wisker, but that's the fun of trying out different blades.

Go for the sampler pack, but do a little bit of research around here to learn which blades you should maybe take a little extra care with.
NOT Derbys.

Remember YMMV. Derbys are a perfectly decent blade, not the best, but not the worst. I started out with Derbys and they shave well, they don't irritate and are very affordable. IMHO they are on the milder side of sharp and forgive a less than perfect technique.
I'm the contrarian on blade sample packs for new DE shavers.

Pick ONE brand of blade and stick with it until your technique is consistent. THEN get the sample pack. In the beginning your technique will vary more than the difference between many blades.
I'd look for a sampler that contains as many as possible of the following:

Astra Platinum
Red (Israeli) Personna
Bluebirds (if possible, that's not likely)
Any other blade someone immediately after this post jumps up to defend. :001_smile

Since your razor isn't adjustable, it's going to be more important to adjust your choice of blade. You'll just have to experiment, and a sampler is a great idea unless it's largely composed of "blades we wouldn't shave our worst enemy with", which can be exposed by digging a bit here in the reviews and by searching.

Still, it's your call. Rather, I think your face and neck will pass that judgment. Don't neglect to account for the effects of different shave creams/soaps, other prep, etc., and post-shave treatments. If it were easy, someone would write and copyright a very short book and then go to live in prosperity on a tropical island. :lol:
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