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First beard trim tomorrow

I haven't been to a barber in 20 years at least. I've been growing my beard since March but have trimmed the sides with my Wahl clippers a couple of times to make my beard more square.

Excited to get my beard trimmed professionally. The barber is very highly rated and the dude that's trimming my beard has a beautiful gray beard of his own (mine is mostly gray with some dark areas).

Planning on asking about keeping it out of my mouth ( :001_tt1: ), easy to manage and inline with my rectangular head.

If it comes out poorly, well, I'll figure it out or cut it off. :001_smile My wife likes it though, so the latter would be a last resort.
Pretty happy with the results of my trim. My barber was a real craftsman. He listened to what I thought, gave me options and gave me advice on maintenance. I gave him a huge tip.

I'll go back, it was very enjoyable. :)
Glad to hear it worked out for you. Sometimes you have to be careful getting a beard trim from a barber because they sometimes want to chop too much of it off, or else they feel like they arent really doing their job.
Ive personally never had my beard trimmed by a barber, even though she offers every time. I just prefer to trim it myself because Im afraid they are going to chop it off. Its funny, with the hair on the top of my head Im just like, "Meh...do whatever, just give me a #2 on the top and #1 on the sides" but with my beard Im like, "dont touch it!" LOL


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Back when I was still in the trade I did a LOT of beards. My own beard usually only lasts a week until the itchiness gets to me and I shave, lol.

I had a customer once who's last kid had never seen him without a beard; he cried when he saw his dad!
Sorry, no pics. :) I did have several people this week tell me it looked good. And one that joked about how white it is. :D