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First BBS! (thanks Peto)

This morning I had my first BBS!
After my regular shower, and washing my face with Shiseido foaming face wash I loaded my B&B LE 2008 with castlt Forbes Lime cream and face lathered. Since I am still in practice with the straight I first took it out and ran WTG, XTG with little success - no cuts but also very little beard reduction - I gues I have had too much on my mind after moving and couldnt focus, so I put the straight aside.

Instead I decided to try the ball end new type (open comb) that I got PIFfed from Peto here on B&B some month ago but never had gotten around to try. it´s an ugly bastard, none of the finishing left anywhere and even the patterning on the handle is deeply worn down from numerours previous shaves. I loaded a Shark blade (also first tome, but it was closest) and wet to work, WTG. XTG and normally I would have stopped there but I just could´t believe how smooth the razor felt against my skin! It was like there were no blade inside! I decided to go with another pass, this time ATG, and then some buffering and when I was done I had my first BBS!

Finished off with Witch Hazel, rinced with water, Aqua Vera as and then Harris Arlington Cologne and I was ready to go! Great start of the day.

Well, would have been great for the fact that I obviously lost some focus on my straight - have to step back again and start over - need to work on that angle better - and everything else technique related ;)
After Alex2363's post I can only add


Nothing like a great shave
I half expect a new favourite in a week or two when I get the SE blades for my Hejlestrand (or if I somehow manage to home the originals to shave readiness) but this old guy surprised me!
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