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First automatic

Pulled the trigger on my first automatic. Watch that is. A Seiko SNK809. Really like the size. No giant clown watch here. Been a while since I've worn a watch so it feels a tad heavy but I really like it. I really wanted to get the beige faced version but I never could find it in stock at the price I wanted. I think I came out on top with the black. Now I have to figure out how to set the time. It says water resistant. Should I try to avoid even getting it splashed when washing my hands?


I wouldn't worry about the washing your hands thing at all. Heck, wear it in the rain. Nice first auto!

The Knize

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Nice. Should be a fun watch. I thought they were supposed to be quite water resistant. I would sure not worry about washing my hands.
I love my Seiko 5!

From what I've read, when Seiko says " water resistant to 30 meters", really means don't get it wet. I wouldn't worry about washing hands, or accidentally dunking it or even getting it wet in the shower every once and a while. Watch forum people seem to say don't swim with it.

I also ended up getting a NATO strap for mine as I wasn't a fan of the strap it comes with.

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Thanks. Already had several students ask me to give it to them. They have not even seen the clear back.
Majorly jealous here. I love my ancient Seiko 5 that I bought from that auction site a few years ago from India. I am so far successfully resisting the urge to buy thousands more. I'm such a girly man.