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first and second shave with slant bar**help*



great razor, very close shave. The actual shave I have been looking for. I started wet shaving two months ago with the use of a Merkur HD. Very nice razor, but not close enough shave. Waited to get my technique down. Ordered the slat bar with feather blades. I started with merkur blades as sugggested many places here. The problem is not nicks or cuts, but bad razor burn. It is 2 in the afternoon and my face still burns. I cant imagine what will happen if I actually put a feather blade in it. Any suggestions?
Welcome to forum. It sounds like you are applying too much pressure on your razor. Ease up a bit and let the razor glide across your face with no pressure. See if that helps.
Check the razor angle, and try no pressure. You might also post the details of your routine - that would help us be more specific.
There are all of your answers! There is a reason that this blade was tagged as "Satan's Razor". If you're not good, you'll wind up in hell!

After buying a slantbar (bunch of hypesters convinced me it was the greatest thing since sliced bread:001_rolle ) I went about trying to determine how it would give me a shave as good and comfortable as my beloved Vision. Suffering through many often painful (razor burn like the fires of Hades) experiments, I found the combination of an extremely light hand and an extremely sharp blade would deliver an exceptional shave when coupled with meticulous preparation and a wetter than usual lather.
All faces being different, this may not be the answer for you, but it certainly was the formula for me.
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