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Firestone Walker Sucaba Beer

Big fan of their Union Jack IPA Brew. May have to give this one a shot.


If there is one thing that is consistent throughout drinking history, it's the desire most of us have for stronger drinks. The barley wine style of beer was introduced for this specific reason in the late 18th century, and not many have mastered the style as effectively as Firestone Walker Brewing with their annual release, Sucaba. Brewed since 2006, but only bottled since 2010, the annual release of this bourbon barrel aged barely wine is one that beer geeks look forward to acquiring, hoarding and of course, drinking. Those fortunate enough to unlock a bottle are rewarded with hints of chocolate, vanilla, dark fruits, and a warming 13.5% ABV ($16).


13.5% ABV?!?! That's a brew for a Sunday afternoon, followed, in my case, by a nice nap.

I must check this out.
Wild. There are maybe a dozen stores near my home that stock Firestone, BUT none of them within 100 miles carry Sucaba. And, only one within 50 miles carries Parabola. Who knew?
I did, however, manage to find this yesterday. Just in time for the Super Bowl and some nachos.
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