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Finished - Contest #9 #9 #9 - Where In The World Did It Come From?

Wow, I can't believe I was number 5. I saw the contest 30 minutes after it posted and figured half of B&B already replied. I decided to do the contest anyway... just goes to show you!

I didn't see it until 12:30 CST and said, what the heck.
I got lucky and found the contest within a few minutes of it being posted. Oh, and by the way, there is no 0 in my name. :wink:
If a newbie knows some google-fu they had just as good a chance on this one as some of the grizzled veterans.

This one didn't even need that. All of the info was right on the linked vendor site :tongue_sm

I can't believe I got in too! For the most part I have been WAY too late for these contests :cool:
So what is the prize anyways? I think the OP forgot to mention it and I call shenannigans. Grab your brooms! :biggrin:
My understanding was that the Prizes are the quiz questions. i.e. Pre de Provence, Speick, Musgo Real, Helan Natural, and Cella. Not in that order.

Holy Crapola! I was reading some of those descriptions and I was uber jealous, now I know I have a chance to get some!


"Got Shoes?"
The prizes are the items that were the answers to the questions. Good luck!​

Thanks Smallflower.







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I can't believe my luck -- I don't own a single one of the prize products! Man, I hope I win!
Got the Musgo Real but that's it. I have a suspicion I might have some Cella perhaps with an order I just got from what I was told to look for. Just have to see. Whoever wins will have quite the time using these fine products though! :thumbup:
Just trying to calculate my odds :p Is it going to be one prize per person or is one person going to win the whole lot?
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