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fine edt's

anyone have fine platinum edt or their other edt's that they sell? do they last long? I have read some people say that fine's aftershaves last longer than their edt's. that's concerning if true. can anyone give me their thoughts on the fine edt's if they have bough and used them? do their edt's last long on you? how do they compare to stirling edt's? thanks
I do think the AS can last just as long as the EdT in some cases, depending on how it interacts with your body chemistry. Not concerning in any way for me, it means both are good products. I enjoy both, especially together. Sometimes I can still get whiffs the next morning (over 24 hours).

The EdT itself is good though, goes on lightly for me and lasts many hours before the strength fades, becoming a lingering background scent.
I have the Platinum EDT, and for an EDT, it doesn't have a whole lot of power. one spray won't project to somebody else on the other end of the couch. You either need a lot, or they need to be rolling around with you. The price was great, and this is why.