Fine American Blend sample smells like gasoline to a newbie

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by nicked789, Oct 26, 2018.

    I never get "gasoline", but sometimes freshly-applied Pinaud Clubman reminds me of raw turnips, for about 10 seconds.
  1. Indeed, Fresh Lilacs that a cat has peed all over then smeared on your face :)
  2. Pepin

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    Guess it brings back memories of childhood misadventures for some.
  3. I usually pick up a licorice scent from it. Not sure if the gas smell is something you like, chiseled face makes a couple that have that exact scent of gasoline or tires.
  4. I can’t get enough of the stuff. I sniff the bottle every time I see it. One of the scent notes is “chrome”, whatever that smells like.
    When you smell gasoline does it smell like aftershave?
  5. I too smell some kind of artificial, gasoline-like accord. It's no big deal and it might be just an issue of smelling it up-front.

    YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme (the scent it's based on) sure doesn't have it. I think it's also a balance issue, scent-wise: more "spice" accord than green, so it's not an outright clone.
  6. My dad wears it. My late mother didn’t really like it. It doesn’t smell like pure gasoline, but I could definitely see Brian Fantana liking it. Fwiw, I’m a big fan of fine aftershaves. This one, not so much.
  7. Rive Gauche is the bomb.
    Fine AB....meh.

    It's okay once you splash it on as others have said but I don't like it from the bottle much either.
    It's not gas exactly but the alcohol, anise and menthol don't play together very well imho.
  8. I've been using american blend for almost a year now and never thought that it smelled like gasoline.
  9. When I first smelled PAA's CaD aftershave I thought "now this is BarberShop! I need a bottle of this now."

    Shortly after I ordered a bottle of CaD (and the soap) and used it more frequently than any other aftershave I own for about 8 months. When I started getting low on CaD, I started researching similar barbershop scents. I tried a few that I thought variously ranged from OK to downright stinky. Surprisingly Stirling's barbershop scents was one of the worst. It's just pure sweet. I think it's pretty awful.

    I kept reading along the way that Fine American Blend was very close to CaD. Then this thread popped up and I wondered if it could be as bad as "gasoline". It gave me pause. I watched a video review or two and re-read some text reviews. Then PUNCHED the button to order a bottle of FAB.

    I knew from the first little application on my wrist that Fine American Blend was going to be a favorite. It's very, very much like CaD. It might even be better! There's something about this scent profile that REALLY does it for me. Women seem to like it quite a bit.

    I think it's a somewhat manly classic scent. Definitely in heavy rotation for me. Fine American Blend smells NOTHING like gasoline to me. There's an alcohol nose straight from the bottle, but you don't really get that on your skin. It evaporates so fast (the alcohol) that the real scents are the only thing left on you after just a minute or two.

    This is a fantastic scent that I can't recommend highly enough.

  10. Nothing and I mean nothing smells better to me then Sunoco 110 race gas mixed with a bottle of castor/ester or a beano based race oil! It’s flipping magical!!!!!!!

    Every once in a while during the summer I go out to the garage and start my snowmobile just so I can smell the goodness!

    I wonder if there’s a market for something like that, a race gas based after shave, could be a hit on the novelty side.
  11. I tried all the Fine samples and found them too strong for me. The American Blend was my favorite of the bunch, but too strong. I prefer AS that last about an hour or two. American Blends lasts all day. I never got a gasoline smell from it though.

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