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Fine Accoutrements l'orange aftershave

I have some l'orange noir on the way, I have never smelled it but I am a big fan of Terre D' Hermés cologne and read in several reviews where people said it smelled almost identical .. Looking forward to trying especially since its less than 1/4 the price I pay for TDH
.... If you have this aftershave, what's your thoughts ( I realize the YMMV )
I have it and really enjoy it. It's less orange than u may think but it's definitely there. It's almost a sweet cologne. Very appealing to my nose. Not candy like at all. I have not smelled the tdh that you mentioned in the original post. But is it smells anything like the aftershave then it's a winner to me. I hope u enjoy it as much as I do!
I too really like the l'orange noir, not an overpowering orange, but it's there. I haven't tried the other. but I think you will like the Fine products. Wish they would reinstate the Italian Citrus.
I have it and have only used it 2-3 times. I like it, more "night out" than something I'd wear to work. I don't smell the Orange though, it's sweet-ish, but I can't find that orange in there :)
DESHAVE, let me know how you like it after you have tried it. This one is also on my list of aftershaves to try, but I haven't ordered any yet. The only Fine aftershaves I've tried are the Fresh Vetiver and Platinum; love them both so I'm pretty sure I would like any of their products.

well today I received my Fine L'ORANGE NOIR classic aftershave and WOW it is amazing ! as someone mentioned " It's spot on for TDH " and they were not lying ... at initial application I didn't think so only because I was smelling the menthol, once it started to dry down it was amazingly similar fragrance to my Terre D' Hermes. So far I really like it ... will give it a full test run after tomorrow mornings shave
This mornings shave ( RR Baby Smooth ) was followed by a big splash of L'ORANGE NOIR and I really like it, it had that nice menthol burn for about 5-minutes and then the cooling sensation. The fragrance is VERY nice and it smells so much like my Terre D' Hermés ... I was strictly using Speick and RazoRock (XXX, Son Of Zeus, Don Donato, XX, RazoRoctober )
Now the Mr. Fine is moving right up there in my rotation .. I'm sure I'll find myself splashing the Fine on even between shaves. And one last thing ... I do get the orange in it ( some commented they don't get it )
I like my L'Orange as a compliment to my Ogalalla Bay Rum Limes and Peppercorns soap. All of the Fine Aftershaves are clones of big name colognes.
Fine Fresh Vetiver (Tom Ford Grey Vetiver)
Fine Clean Vetiver (Guerlain Vetiver)
Fine L'Orange Noir (Terre D'Hermes: Orange, Vetiver, Pepperorn, Cedar)
Fine American Blend (YSL Rive Gauche: Lavender, Anise, Rosemary, Patchouli, Geranium, Cloves, Guaiac Wood)
Fine Platinum (Creed Aventus: Pineapple, Birch, Musk, Currant, Oak Moss)
Fine Italian Citrus (Acqua di Parma Colonia)
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