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Fine Accoutrements Aftershaves

I've been testing my new bottle of Fine Platinum (left) and can only conclude that this newer bottle doesn't hold a candle to the older version. The older bottle is much more potent and is less sweet, it has a fizziness to it. It also feels much more moisturizing and 'velvety' than the newer version. Oh what I would give for a stash of the older bottles, also the L'Orange Noir, I guess I will use the remainder on special occasions. Do you guys know whether there have been a lot of changes in formulation in the Fine splashes? I vaguely remember a topic on this subject but couldn't locate it..
I read a thread somewhere (maybe Reddit) where Todd (Mr. Fine) said his forumla and strength has been consistent, with the exception of one year where he was playing with more fragrance. Maybe you got a lucky bottle of the extra strength! I seem to recall it was stronger back in the day as well, but also wondering if maybe I am just getting used to the smell, so it seems diminished...or I am just getting old. Ha!
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