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finding M&F brush replacement

Any advice on finding a replacement with exact same type hair. blonde badger. 2011ish. M&F. silky soft tips. firm. very dense. zero scritch. 410317B3-7687-41DB-AEE9-D48047E5FDE2.jpeg

Anything on current market like it?

I love this brush and have used it to death. Perfect example why we should keep more brushes and alternate.
I have no basis for comparison, as I've never tried a M&F Blonde Badger, but from the way you describe it, it sounds like my Paladin 26mm bulb. Very dense, great backbone, soft tips..great presence.
Please please please try the beehive maseto 30 mm - I have not touched my simpsons manchurian/silvertip chubby 3, polo10 or m&f 26 mm brushes since I got it .

I can sssure you it is the best 50$ you will spend
The Shavemac two band silvertip is pretty close to the M&F blonde badger I have; firm but with soft tips. The Elite Razor Manchurian is also right up there. I like to think I can tell the difference between the three, but if truth be told I'm not at all sure how well I'd do in a blind test.
I have a similar brush from that era. The more recent Lee Sabini knots I had experience with were not like it. Like others here I don’t see what’s wrong with your brush.
Re-knot? No way, even worn a bit that little guy is better than anything on the market apparently. Who wouldve thought that they would be unobtainable one day?

Thanks for all the advice gents. Surprisingly, i found something pretty darn close. Not quite as soft or dense, but similarly luxurious.

Duke 3 two band
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