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Finding Coate's shaving cream.

Greetings friends. I bought a Gillette Parat last week and included in the package was a small tube of English-made Coates tea tree shaving cream 'for problem skin'. That's me. With sensitive skin and a tough beard this product is amazing. Just a little, brush or not, gives a great shave - but I'm having trouble finding any of it for sale. Are they still in business? Any leads would be appreciated.


I think you might be out of luck, as far as I know Coates are out of business and this cream is now hard to come by. Himage in Australia are still selling the Teatree and rosemary soap though
Thanks...so now I have some rare, limited, endangered shaving cream eh? :001_tongu Kidding aside, I am hopeful I can get some more!
What other creams have you tried, and how did they rank? Some one might be able to suggest a substitute.

If you think tea tree by itself is beneficial, this stuff has it: Real_Shaving_Company_Moisturising_Shaving_Cream. I have seen it on the shelves in some, but not all, Rite Aid stores. It lathers well, and is made by the same company that makes most of the classic English shaving creams.
Yes, they are no longer in production, but you can still get them. Here is the thread and the web-site.

Thread: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/367800-NOS-Coates-shaving-cream-tubes

Web-Site: http://www.coatescream.com/


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Thanks gents - I will be ordering more from the location mentioned above. BTW - as a result of a recent PIF offered the AOS creams I recently gave away opened the door for better stuff like this Coate's. :001_smile
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