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Finding a particular Gillette razor from the seventies

HaHa...a lot of USA readers will never figure that one out.
Hope you are safe up there in lockdown.
We are all better off if they don't figure it out :)
Thanks, we are safe, a bit inconvenient this whole thing is and the kids are going crazy(er) but we got our 1st vaccine yesterday and hopefully we're gonna be released next week.
close but no cigar! :)

Only an Auklander would know.... :thumbup:

But I do love me some:

Congratulations @Gabor on getting such a nostalgic gift. It looks like it's in great condition too.
It is in great condition and worked very-very well, it was indeed a special shave and I was quite happy with the process and the result.
Just think about the time when my dad used his similar razor getting in contact with a community like this would have been impossible, let alone gifting a piece to somebody who lives at the other side of the planet... the world we live in, eh?
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