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Finding a particular Gillette razor from the seventies

Hi, this is rather a shoot in the dark but I thought I give it a go, maybe you can help.
So the story begins decades ago when I was a little lad and my father was using his DE razor. That was a Gillette product, a TTO specimen with a light blue/greyish handle. (and I have no idea how it find its way behind the iron curtain) I always watched him using it and when I started to shave I wanted that razor. He had two and the other one went to my older brother (imagine!) and I got some no name thing. So the Gillette had its own box (somewhat like the Feather Popular's) with clear lid and off-white base. I guess it was made in the seventies, he already had it when I came along. Unfortunately I cannot ask him things anymore and since I went back to wetshaving, I thought I might buy one similar just for nostalgy. I failed to find anything relevant on the net but that's might easily my fault. But I hope there are huge amount of knowledge accumulated here, and somebody might be able to point me to the right direction.

Thanks in advance
Sounds like a Slim Twist or a Knack. Was it a fairly long, thin, tapering plastic handle? If the answer to that question is yes, then my guess becomes more certain.
There should be plenty of these available. It is a good shaver, too.
I can't really remember how long the handle was but I think it was tapered with wery small pattern/embossing or something
Perhaps the Lady Gillette? A long-handled TTO w a light blue or pink handle. Great shaver; I see them at flea markets and antique shops from time to time
Perhaps the Lady Gillette?
oh, thanks, not that one, I think @kingfisher was right ant it was a Slim Twist. I guess as the Knack was made in USA so no chance to came to eastern europe but the Slim Twist was a British product, might have crossed the continent somehow, sometimes the weirdest western things showed up there.
Dear gentlemen,

Today I received a parcel from @L.A. Jones. He went above and beyond and packed a soap, a brush and blades with the Gillette razor (which is in superb condition, btw) and sent them over the Seven Seas so I can have a nostalgic shaving event in respect to my father.
I am genuinely touched by his generosity and the effort he made to make this happen.

It's not simple the aforementioned "B&B spirit", this is truly something else.

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