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Finally warmed up a bit - time to get the smoker ready

After being under freezing conditions, and the fact that I haven’t smoked meat in a while...it was time. It’s getting a bit warmer, between 40-50 degrees which means I can tolerate setting up the smoker.

Went to Costco yesterday to get their boneless pork shoulder 2-pack. Already put the rub on and they’re in the fridge for now.

Using a Weber Smokey mountain 18.5”, my plan is get them on after midnight, and have them ready for super bowl. Will be smoking between 225-250...going low and slow and allowing myself plenty of time just in case.
The last couple of times, I lined up the water pan with heavy duty foil and no water. I used to add water to the pan, but cleanup was a pain. Did not notice any difference in taste without the water.


Fussy Evil Genius
Sounds good! Have a great cook!

Yes, the effect of a water pan in a cooker is largely exaggerated. Most WSM cooks I've known just fill theirs with sand (and often also line it like you did yours.
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