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Finally Have Some Converts Under My Belt

I have been trying to get my girlfriend to start using a DE and brush. It's been a struggle as she doesn't want to add excess into her shower routine. Taking the time to build a lather was her biggest gripe. So I got her a tabac stick for her stocking at Christmas, which she finally used last week. She loves the scent(I know this being a new tabac lover and wear the cologne often) and loves the ease of use. I got her a brush as well but when she used it, she just lathered it up a bit with her hands and said it worked well. Still haven't gotten her on a DE razor yet, she says she's nervous.

But I also finally got one of my brothers switched over fully.
He's still in the early stages, and I doubt he will indulge like I do with buying soap after soap.
He borrowed my King C Gillette for a bit before he eventually picked up the Rockwell 6C as his first razor which he seems to enjoy.
I gave him a couple Stirling samples to get him started, haven't heard any feedback on them though.
He is the opposite of me in regards to scent. I like strong, he likes mild, so I suggest Proraso white, which was also my first soap. He picked that one up and is enjoying it.
The first few shaves, he was blown away at the shaves he was getting. Never had such a close shave and was questioning why anyone would buy carts with multiple blades on them.

All he needs now is a good but mild scented aftershave if anyone has some suggestions I can pass on to him.
Well done! I got my wife into it as well, she tried all my de razors and likes it. I bought both of us Henson med aggressions she loves hers and has mine as a spare (I don’t like it).

She is helping me use up my soap stash which is great.
I recently purchased a Henson medium and let my GF try it since I will probably upgrade to a Ti when they are in stock. She also was very impressed with the closeness of the shave. She had previously tried my Merkur Progress but the Henson is easier to use so i think it's a perfect women's razor.

That being said, my GF would NEVER bother to lather up with a brush since it just takes too much time. If your wife doesn't like the idea of making the whole process more tedious with a brush and bowl then why not Cremo's non-lathering cream? You apply it with your hands, it's actually pretty slick, is really cheap, available in many big name grocery and large box stores, and even comes in some "feminine" scents if that appeals to her. I don't love it for face shaving because it dries out fairly qiuckly and runs when it is very wet but those attributes aren't really a problem for leg shaving when someone would most likely be in the shower or tub. My GF has been using up my tube of the original scent and she seems to like it more than her Aveno aerosol can.
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