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Finally got my Edwin Jagger DE89 Barley Chrome

Wow, the razor is beautifully made!! piece of art!! It is not as heavy as my Parker barberpole but still decent size.

I grew my beard for 3 days, and I have a heavy and fast beard growth!!

it by far the best razor I have used in my life!!! the smooth shave with no irritation and very close shave!!

I wish I had bought this before so I never bought useless razors!!

Hats off to Edwin Jagger
Using mine this week after some time away. I forgot how good it is. It even makes bad blades feel good. Usually takes a full three passes but always comfortable and close. I know you will enjoy it. If I had to choose just one razor this would be it
Waiting on mine to be delivered. Really like the looks, if it performs half as well as it looks I'm sure it'll be my new favourite razor.

I am the proud owner and user of a EJ DE89L: awesome tool. But (RAD kicking in...) I have been thinking of getting a Barley, that beauty.

And it turns out that it's recently been my birthday and... SWMBO has told me.... get what you want. So, what do you think?:closedeye:001_tongu:lol:

Enjoy it!!!
I bought one recently to replace my Merkur 23C. Excellent fit and finish, the 23C is more utilitarian. Nice heft. Handle is a bit shorter than the 23C but it's not as slender, I like it. Shaves great, very nice and smooth with a Feather. A keeper!
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