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Finally Got a B1 Standard

About 7 weeks ago I purchased an Ikon B1 Standard that I had to return because it had a bent sb. That story is in this thread Ikon B1 Standard Razor Sweet Deal - Should I?. After returning it, I tried to get one on ebay. When I needed to increase my bid the seller blocked me. I have my theory on that (the seller had only been on ebay for six months and had sold 110 items, all of which were Ikons) but since Ikon's customer service was good in handling the return I will keep my suspicions to myself.
I finally got my hands on a B1 Standard from a nice gent on another forum. This one is used but actually looks nicer than the one that I had purchased new. If this dude had the box he could have told me this was new. I don't have an Ikon Tech, but this really looks to be very similar, except it is stainless and coated black. Check out the exposure.
DSCN1267[1].JPG DSCN1271[1].JPG
Thanks fellas. I should say it was also convenient that the seller was only offering the head since I have handles. As a result, it was a much softer hit to the finances than the original purchase of a complete razor.
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