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Finally found a use for Every Man Jack shaving cream

Awhile back, I stumbled on a thread in the Brush section about a black Badger brush that you could buy from Target for about $9. Me and SWMBO make the 45 minute trek there and I purchase one. SWMBO point out this Every Man Jack shaving cream. I never turn down a chance to buy new product, so I snag it without even reading the label. I get home and it is a brushless cream and will not lather....PERIOD. You can read more reviews here:


Flash forward to now, and I'm looking through my stuff and and find I still have a T&H pre-shave sample. I never thought much about preshave oil, which got me thinking about the EMJ cream, which says it's moisturizing.

So, as part of my pre-shave routine, I wash my face in hot water, cover beard with thin layer of EMJ and apply hot towel. I must say, I've done this about 5 times and it has made my shave much more comfortable! There may be other pre-shaves that would work better, but since I already bought this, I might as well get some use out of it. :thumbup:
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