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Finally back in stock

IMG_4268.jpg IMG_4273.jpg

These custom made brushes have been a new item for us: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all

Our opening order was the synthetic version you see here and it sold out tidy fashion. Handmade items take time to get restocked but we have them now! The resin blend was selected by The Captain as well as the size and shape. Each is turned on a lathe by an artisan and made right here in the USA.

This time we added to our selection by offering a silvertip badger that redefines pillow-soft. Check out the product descriptions in our store for more info. The most common feedback we get is that they are more beautiful in person than the pictures. If you find yourself pondering it, don't wait! If we are out, fear not - the artisan is already at work on our next order.

~ The Captain
Those are nice looking brushes!!!
Thanks, it took months to get it right with a number of prototypes. The customers love this color, style, and size. The silvertip is a new addition and we look forward to the feedback we will get on it. Here are some testimonials from the listing in our store for the synthetic:


This custom synthetic shaving brush is on par with any other shaving brush that I have used. The artistic design and feel of the brush handle is top notch. Captain's Choice makes great shaving products and this brush is no exception. ~ Matthew D.

The handle looks awesome, kind of like a lava lamp. The knot is a little stiffer than normal which makes it easier to load and lather with this brush. The bristles are still soft enough to feel pillowy on my face though - nice brush! ~ A. Jackson

I initially purchased this brush to add to my shave den based on its aesthetics. I was pleasantly surprised at the performance as I was able to whip up a nice lather no problem. The knot features nice soft tips for comfort, while still having plenty of backbone in the loft and the beautiful looking handle fits quite comfortably in my hand. ~ Matt F.

My Captain's Choice Tuxedo synthetic brush is a well-packed knot with good backbone. It lathered the Old Spice cream effortlessly and was a pleasure to use to paint on the lather afterwards. ~ Jack C.
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