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Filson watch, two very upscale lots

Filson quartz field watch. These go for $250.00 on that auction site. This one is lightly used over the past six months - it is a handsome piece. The Captain made another purchase and is seeking to broker a peace treaty (ahem) with the First Mate by letting this go. It includes all of the original packaging. I am also throwing in for free, three extra NATO watch bands that are 22mm and fit it perfectly. So you have the NATO band that came with the watch (pictured) plus three others to rotate. I pay the shipping. CONUS only please. All of this for $185.00.


Lot #1

ABC shaving soap needs no introduction. It has a spectacular reputation for cushion and slickness - very old school. Not cheap to acquire, it cost The Captain $70.00 or so. Sapone Milano, also from Italy where they know how to make a great soap. Heavy glass jar. All original packaging for the soaps and both have 90% + left. Merkur Progress DE razor. Used six times. Sanitized and comes with original packaging. I pay the shipping. CONUS only please. All of this for $95.00.


Lot #2

BAUME.BE from Belgium plus the well known Cella and an Ikon slant. The BAUME comes in a custom ceramic black bowl that is a nice accent for any shave den. The soaps are 90% + left. Everything comes in its original packaging. This is CONUS only please. I pay the shipping. All for just $55.00.

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Awesome deals from a most impeccable gentleman.

I'd love that watch, but SWMBO would not be impressed. (I have almost as many watches as razors now).
One time reduction on all.

Watch and free NATO bands: Was $185.00. Now $155.00.

Lot #1 was $95.00. Now $75.00.

Lot #2 was $55.00. Now $40.00.

The Captain will also be tossing in a little something extra, just so it feels like Christmas in April not knowing what all is inside!


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That's a smoking deal for a field watch of any kind!!!! Plus freebies??? Dang!

All great deals. GLWTS
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