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Fili love what makes it so good!

Sorry to revive this thread, but is it possible to find an original Filarmonica with a plain clean blade, that is, without any wash or stamp on the blade? Or it must have been polished?
As far as I know the only Fili without gold wash is the EPBD, they have etching but no gold wash.
As far as I know the only Fili without gold wash is the EPBD, they have etching but no gold wash.
I thought about this after my earlier post. Tridur, EPBD, the haircut razor, and all of the later Pakistani-steel blades had acid/laser etching rather than gold.
Bringing this thread back to life again.

I'm seeing some being sold that have no wash/stamp on the blade, but the tang is etched:
with the harp to the left of the Fili name, but no number. The back of the tank is etched:



It would be almost impossible to tell you without a pic... Post a pic and I'll be able to tell you exactly what it is
I think they sold the filis that were smaller than a #12 without a number. So that looks like a small, second generation fili to me. What size is the razor?
There wasn't much info available, but my curiosity got the best of me and I bought it. I'll report back when it arrives. Appreciate your help!
It's legit . it's a Filarmonica 10 meant for cutting hair but they shave just fine. They are 4/8 typically
Man, you guys all have the fancy 13 and 14 Filis and mine is a lowly old 12. But, I get wonderful shaves from my doce.

Hey Bud Man,

[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]That is a very clever use of pipe fittings. It kept catching my eye and I finally realized why.


Thank you, that's my shave on a budget kit. A knot and some 3/4 and 1 inch pipe I had left over from a bathroom project. Bonus is the pipe keeps the brush and lather warm. And I rinse with cold so if you press the cold copper to your face it feels great for the small nicks on your face if you get any. Kind of like a boxers block.:thumbup1:
So would this be a 1st generation? It does not have the lyre on the tang but the rest of it fits the description of a first or second generation. I ask because I have one that is just like this blade.

Yes I believe 1st generation due to the arched name
Large Spanish razors marked "14" were 7/8", not 8/8" (and 13s were 6/8, accordingly). We very frequently see people commenting along the lines of "it's a 14, which is supposedly 7/8, but it measures closer to 15/16 or even 8/8!".The problem is that people are not taking into consideration the measuring conventions of times past.
Interesting thread. I was surprised that fily measured their razors differently. I've even measured my own flarmonicas. Yes, wrl was right for all of them, except 4/8 razors which are "correct". All the rest is "bigger" than it should be.




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