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Filamornica 6/8 13


Are they that good? I can pick one up in great shape for about $180 canadian?

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Yes they’re very high quality steel I love my Fili one of the high end straights.
Agreed with Rugger we need pictures in order to identify what generation we are dealing with.
Not all Filarmonicas are the same specially the last generations are quite Junk

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It’s a good one, seems in a good shape as well, I’m no expert but I think is more like a 3rd gen which is good. (Correct me if I’m wrong shaving members).
For $180 CAN I think is a very good deal.
Make sure you get photos on the other side of the blade and the spine, need to be extra careful when buying vintage items such Filarmonicas because of the rust and pitting spots around the steel.
Few small rusted spots here and there it’s not a big deal as long as they’re away from the blade edge.
But again this falls into the category of “you get what you pay for” specially in mint condition rust free razors, they can get pricey.
Not so sure if the white box is the original since last time I checked only the second generation came on a white box, but that’s irrelevant.

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Yeh based on the prices i am seeing on ebay, this seems like a steal.

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I sold one of my filis not long ago to one of our fine members, it was a 13 size as well & third generation.
Very high quality steel and performance.

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Yes if you don’t have a Filarmonica you really should pick one up. They hone easily and hold a great edge. One of the best vintage razors to own. I have had several over the years. Novadur 14, EPBD 14,
Doble Temple 13, and Doble Temple 14.
Here is my current one
Yeh! Even back in the day I always wanted to add one to ky collection

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