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Field Report on purchases from bullgooseshaving and items

Hello everyone, I'm a new user of DE and placed an order with Phil from bullgooseshaving on 21st Jan 2011. Just got my stuff today from the post office. Actually the postman came earlier on the 2nd of Feb (which makes 8 working days) before the Chinese New Year Holidays but I wasn't in so I had to wait rather impatiently for the post office to open this morning to pick it up.

Opened up the box which was chocked filled with foam stuffing to protect the stuff inside to reveal the following

1) Merkur 34C HD
2) Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush
3) Taylor's Lavender shaving cream
4) Dr Harris Arlington Luxury Lather Shaving Cream
5) Razorrock Alum block
6) Feather Blades

Freebies below, razor disposable box, bay rum shaving soap, blade sampler pack which includes gilette 7 'clock yellows, astra and lord blades. Thanks bullgooseshaving!


Merkur HD and EJ Brush on the stand.

Chickened out a bit on the very first shave and slotted in a Gilette 7'Oclock Green box which I heard wasn't as aggressive as the Feathers. Will definately try the feathers next time once I got a bit of technique going.

Took a nice warm bath, Soaked up the EJ and used the TOBS Lavender to work up a lather. Lavender smell wasn't very strong but the lather worked up brillantly using only a little dab of cream and a dash of water.

For the record, I don't have a large beard, just a little stubble on the chin, above and below the lips

1st and 2nd Pass WTG, went smoothly, used 0 pressure, just let the HD do its work. It's weight really helps shaving. Upper and lower lip stubble was rather clean, chin stubble had a bit extra left over.

3rd Pass XTG chin only. Used a little pressure since I couldn't use the weight of the HD to do the work around the corner of the chin much. However, Was surprised to come out unscathed! I had alread prepped my Alum Block but didn't need it at all. Came out rather clean after that.

Finished off with witch hazel to close the pores and Q10 korean aftershave lotion.

Verdict: Wife says that she feels less stubble poking her when I kiss her so I guess this means it's a good thing and that I that I can buy more stuff! :thumbup1: Didn't get BBS but was really happy to say that my very first DE shave was better than my previous years of Cartridge Shaving and Electrics.
Welcome to B&B! You chose nice products to begin your journey and a wonderful vendor to supply you. Phil is top notch:thumbup1:

Please continue to contribute your experiences to the community.

Congratulations on your successful shave and your beautiful new equipment. Phil at BullGoose is superb.

Also, welcome to Badger and Blade. Take your time, have fun and enjoy your shaves. :thumbup1:

Thanks! I'm so happy I already placed another order with him... this time for the


and a few more stuff.. =)

Can't wait for my next shave tomorrow!
Congrats on the haul!

I just received an order from Phil, too, with a tub of TOBS Lavender. I agree with you on both counts, subtle-ish scent but superb lather and shave.

I let my wife take a whiff of the TOBS Lavender and I'm afraid she might steal it from me tonight...

Luckily I got the Arlington Cream as backup.

Congrats on the haul!

I just received an order from Phil, too, with a tub of TOBS Lavender. I agree with you on both counts, subtle-ish scent but superb lather and shave.

Got the stand from Phil as well.

It's going for $20 and comes in chrome or black. Pretty nice sized. I ordered another one for my next shipment.

Think I'll get an acrylic rack from Muji here for display.. will update
sweet..you got the stand ive been eyeballing. i have the same razor and wondered how it would fit in it.
Nice post! You started off great with your choices and Phil did a nice job with the freebies. His customer service is great.
That new razor you ordered is sweet, too--you're in for many nice shaves. Best of luck!
Nice haul and good job on the shaving!

I love my TOBS in all scents. The lavender is one of my favorites. If you really want the lavender scent to linger around, pick up some Castle Forbes Lavender ASB and some Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel...make it a lavender day!
Good Luck, Sir.

I see you've purchased a new razor and some "more stuff" after your first shave with your old razor that's just recently arrived.

Methinks, the AD force is strong in this one. :biggrin1:
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