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Fhalden's shaving journal

I've decided that I want to give journalling a try. I've been a B&B member since 2014, but I've been dormant for a lot of the time. I read a lot, but haven't posted a great deal. I think journalling will provide an extension of the mindfulness I try to practice in my shaving and will provide me with the opportunity for some additional reflection on the process. It's really an exercise in mental health. Although it feels a bit risky, I feel I should be upfront about my particular take on the role shaving plays in my life. I suffer from bipolar disorder, and shaving is a therapeutic exercise for me. Some days, it's a struggle to shave, many days it's an exercise in merely functioning, and others, it's an act of joy. At any rate, the interaction of my illness and my hobby, and the action of journalling about it, will hopefully provide me, at least, with the opportunity for insight and greater self-awareness. It will be an honest accounting. I will begin with my shave tonight and we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

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I had a great shave tonight with my Feather AS-D2. I think I'm really starting to dial it in. I used Proraso Blue, which performs well, although I think I enjoy having more fragrance in my soaps and cremes. Mitchell's Wool Fat, although it is minimally scented, is my all time favorite soap, and TOBS Grapefruit is my favorite cream. I finished off a Feather Hi-Stainless after 4 shaves. That blade, which is cruel to me in my NEW, is takes to a very likeable and efficient blade in the AS-D2. I'm working my way through a puck of Musgo Real Lime Glyce soap in my pre-shave routine. I'm having trouble locating a replacement.

Getting started tonight was a bit of a struggle, as I've been a bit down in mood the past few days. On Saturday nights I always listen to WSM in Nashville. Their Saturday night lineup starts at 7CST with the historic broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry, followed by a show called "The Week That Was In Country Music," which features music from across the history of Country Music, relevant to the current week, spanning the 1920s to the present day. Then, at midnight, the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree airs, followed by the Sutton Old Time Music Hour. This finishes up around 2:30am, and at that time I got going for a shower and shave. It was a very good shave, and one I would always be happy with. Shaving provided me with comfort and a sense of satisfaction today.

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Tonight I decided to give the AS-D2 a rest, and went for my Merkur Slant. I decided to try out an Israeli Red Personna. I've stockpiled 400 of them, figuring that if I didn't like them I could do some PIFs. Well, I think I've found the perfect blade for my Merkur! The shave was very comfortable, a BBS four pass shave, using my favorite, Mitchell's Wool Fat. As is often the case, the quiet, focused time to myself lightened my mood substantially.

I have a Razorrock Game Changer sitting in a Post Office in Chicago, and a Brass Karve coming from wherever in Canada they come from. Word around here is that it may take a while.

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I took last night off and shaved this morning. I tried something very different and face lathered Mitchell's Wool Fat. I hadn't face lathered in probably 6 years, but I soaked the puck while I showered, then went with my brush straight from puck to face. The results were fantastic! Thick rich lather, albeit a little cooler than this scuttle user is used to. Bit I love MWF, and was so happy with the results that ill be doing the face lather with MWF my next shave, tomorrow mid day.

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Tonight I had one of the best, if not indeed the very best, shaves I've ever had. Everything was optimal. I'm participating in the March Madness Fixed Four thing, and my lineup for the month is:

Razor: Rex Supply Envoy
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue
Lather: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Brush: My Parker's - my only brush

I started off with a long, hot shower with many passes of my face under the water. I washed my face with Musgo Real Lime Glyce Soap Midway through. At the end of the shower I applied a thin film of Proraso Red Pre-shave cream.

Tonight I whipped up a face lather of MWF that was simply perfect for me. Thick, slick, and cushioning.

I did a four-pass shave a la the old mantic59 videos that started me off on this journey 7 years ago. No pressure, just a relaxed equipoise and focus on gliding the blade across my face and throat. No Nick's or weepers.

After the ATG pass, I rinsed my face with warm water and applied the alum block. No burn. Just toning. A cold water Rinse followed after I rinsed and dried my brush. I felt my face and found a wonderful BBS had been achieved. I finished with a splash of Clubman Reserve Brandy Spice. My first time with it. I love the scent, but wish it lasted longer.

If I could achieve a shave like tonight with consistency, I will have reached a state of Zen shaving.

One lesson: No radio, no fan. No sound other than the razor and the water when I rinsed.

Simply wonderful.

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Into every life a little rain must fall. Tonight was an extremely dissatisfying shave. I'm still doing the Fixed Four for March Madness, and I like the lineup just fine, but I was getting irritation on my XTG passes, and then I dropped my brush into the sink full of water. I took the hint and stopped at three passes. I look shaved, but feel rough and unfinished. I'll do better tomorrow night. Sigh.

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One lesson: No radio, no fan. No sound other than the razor and the water when I rinsed.

Simply wonderful.

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My concentration and shaves improved. Music is a must for pre and post shave routine.