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FFFMM (Fixed Four For March Madness) 2024 Edition

1. Do you want to play a shaving game?

2. Do you want to dial a particular piece of hardware or software in?

3. Are you on a restraint?

If you answered YES to any of the above, “Fixed Four” may be for you.

IT’S SIMPLE (Rule 1)

You just pick one BRUSH, one SOAP/CREAM, one RAZOR, and one BLADE*.
And you use ONLY those four for the whole month.

*With blades, if you chose say “Astra SP” you would stick to that blade, but use as many of them as you see fit.

That’s the end of Rule 1. Rule 1 is the only rule.

For an example, this was my choice for FFFMM 2023:

Brush: Shavemac "Kleiner Bayer" 14/42 Silvertip D01 2-Band
Soap: Clubman
Razor: Gillette NEW Flat Bottom GT
Blade: Gillette 7o'clock Black

Pre and Post Shave stuff isn’t included, so you can do exactly as you please in that area.

You can shave as often or as little as you like.

Typically you’d post saying “I’m in” and telling us your Fixed Four, but you don’t need to.

You can post every day to tell us how you’re getting on (we like that, and we like pics). You can also join us Fixed Fourers without making a single post (it’s entirely YOUR CHOICE).

If you post your Fixed Four during February, then find out that you’d like to change it… that’s fine. Just let us know the changes before your first shave in March.

Let the madness begin.

Same as all years. I use my Fasan DoubleSlant and a Med Prep and a RV brush and....two soaps. Oops. They are mixed, half a puck of modern Carden Farms glycerine and half a puck of vintage Oster tallow. So, I think of it as one soap but it is a permanent mix the way the two half pucks are shoved into an old Old Spice mug.

I am in FFFMM with:

Razor: King C. Gillette
Soap: Noble Otter BAWR
Blade: Bic Chrome Platinum
Brush: Two Noble Otters (Prep & Lathering)
:001_unsur Please explain.
I use one brush to apply my Cube 2.0 prep lather, and the other brush to apply the BAWR soap lather.
Ha! OK, got it (I thought most people just rub the Cube on their face, pre-lathering). No problem, carry on. :thumbsup:
I’m in Cal. Great to see the FFFMM tradition continue. Although being a disciple of the Fixed Four. I have recently replaced my lifetime razor. My soap is a SV Franken under the Felec Aromatica lid. I continue to dial in these changes and happy to participate in 2024.

Blade - Single Use Feather
Razor - Lupo OC 95 driven with a Chiselled Face Pineapple Twist Titanium Handle
Brush - Zenith Boar B35-31x57mm
Soap - SV-Franken

Last Saturday’s Shave

The Smooth Wolf
An eight day face and head shave. The Lupo continues to get smoother. Practice and familiarity continues to improve the bond. The shaves are closer with improved skin comfort. A two pass shave with less follow up buffing. I believe I will reach a point without any extra buffing needed. Fewer strokes improves skin comfort and each shave my skin feels better than the previous shave. I love the razors balance and my head shaves have never been this good. The SV Franken Soap was a surprise. Combing three soap rings Cosmo, Felce Aromatica, and Artica Tundra canceled the scents of all three. The scent was like a very light clean bath soap scent. Couldn’t smell it during the shave because it is so light. The lather felt creamier and noticeably slicker. I was very pleased with its performance. And I have a quarter of a tin to go through. I will be enjoying the shaves with this lather.


Happy Shaves
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